"A fun and rewarding class that resulted in my kids making dinner for us from scratch!"

Finally, an online class that held my child's attention.

With everything going online, its time to enrich the kids with life skills past playing video games. Each week we will explore a different dish or craft, in a fun and engaging way

Calling all little Explorers!

Are your kids between the ages of 7 and 10? Do they enjoy making experiments and using their imagination? Do they know how to make their own food?
Join our group of explorers as we learn how to make our own pizza and pasta, as well as learn how to make a variety of other dishes. Show us how you build a strong fort or how different animals build their own homes. There is so much to explore! Let your kids explore something new while developing new skills.
Once a month we have kids themed mini disco or mini cinema. Be a part of our fun group!

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